A Healthy Awareness is operated and managed by a team of professionals with extensive experience of psychotherapy and counselling, medicine and IT.

Amongst us are Integrative Psychotherapists and Psychotherapeutic Counsellors - Although our Core Model is Transactional Analysis, we do draw on many theories and therapies and integrate and include them as appropriate.

We offer you a safe and warm environment in which to explore your thoughts and feelings. We will not judge you and we will keep our conversations confidential. We together will negotiate a fee per session based only on what you can afford, and we will agree on a day and a time for you to come for your therapy. Our sessions will last for 50 minutes and you will be in control of what we talk about.

Many of us have had control taken from us in various ways. We have learned how important it is for you to know that your sessions will be led by you. We welcome you to bring the things you want to discuss, and we encourage you to bring those things you find difficult. All of your thoughts and feelings are welcomed and will be met with warmth and empathy.

You could come to Healthy Awareness for short term counselling; finding a space for you to explore a current situation or difficulty. Psychotherapeutic counselling works with difficulties or problems in the here and now and how these can be resolved. Most people find a block of around 10-16 sessions very helpful.

We could also work with you longer term in Psychotherapy, where you will explore your Self and perhaps look at childhood events or more recent persistent difficulties. Many people come for short periods of counselling to explore a current difficulty which then naturally progresses into deeper work and more satisfying change. Clients could continue to be seen for years.

We have found that those people who most need therapy are often the same people who are unable to pay; emotional or mental distress prevents from fulfilling our potential and there are few opportunities to heal. We want to help you to ease your distress; we want to help you to achieve the things you want to achieve, and we want to help you towards having the kind of life you want to live.