Welcome to A Healthy Awareness CIC!

Healthy Awareness was registered as a Community Interest Company during July 2018 after discovering an important gap in therapeutic availability. We have provided individual psychotherapy and counseling, and group support within both Private Practice and Charitable Organisations. We have also accessed GPs Surgeries where we have provided individual therapy for NHS patients.

A Healthy Awareness is managed and maintained by a team of professionals with extensive experience of psychotherapy and counseling, medicine and IT. We initially came together to provide Rapid Access to Low-Cost Therapy after discovering groups of people who desperately wanted help but could not pay for expensive private therapy. Lengthy waiting lists were not appropriate, and so many people were not able to access appropriate therapy.

Our aim is to continue providing individuals with Rapid Access to Low-Cost Psychotherapy. Providing therapy for those who are in need and can’t afford the high financial cost. We have found that those people who most need or want therapy are often those people who are unable to pay. Emotional or mental distress prevents from fulfilling our potential and there are few opportunities to heal.

Most of us during our lifetimes endure periods of mental or emotional distress; suffering alone is just not necessary. We want to help you to ease your distress; we want to help you to achieve the things you want to achieve, and we want to help you towards having the kind of life you want to live.

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