Warmest of Welcomes!

You are invited to become a founder member of our brand-new Directory – a network of Professional people like you – a directory OF therapists – FOR therapists.


‘Free Speech’ was originally designed and developed to provide qualified counsellors and psychotherapists with a network of therapists and supervisors who were willing to provide their services without charge. In exchange therapists reciprocate, also providing free therapy and supervision – and so the name ‘Free Speech’ was born.

You give an hour and you take an hour.

As we therapists know, Counselling and Supervision charges can be enormous and as many of us after-qualifying, work with reduced-rate-paying clients; managing this regular payment of Supervision can be difficult. Most of us have worked as therapists for years without financial reward and many of us have needed to pay for our own therapy as a course requirement. Supervision is an understandable and welcomed requirement, whichever governing body we subscribe.

When all of a practitioner’s energy is going out to the client and nothing is coming back to replenish energy levels, practitioners often struggle to sustain the tremendous amounts of energy and empathy required on a daily basis, and although most practitioners are familiar with self-care, very often preaching the concepts to clients, we often find it a challenge to put this concept into practice in our own lives due to costs.

When discussing this venture with a Complementary Therapist, I was told that she was excited and eager to join as she wanted to access psychotherapy and couldn’t afford to pay. She had sat on waiting lists for months and would happily supply her own services in return to another member in exchange for psychotherapy. So we decided to go bigger…and why not?!

Which services do you provide?

Counselling or Psychotherapy? Counselling Supervision? Massage Therapy?
Reiki? Reflexology? Shamanic Practices?
Sound Healing? Aromatherapy? Meditation or Mindfulness?

Something else?

Which of the above would you like to receive every week ABSOLUTELY FREE?

So how does this work?

This essentially has a ‘Time Swap’ structure. Completing this form allows us to capture details about you and the services you would like to access. We then match you to an appropriate therapist, and in return you agree to offer your service FREE OF CHARGE. This means that you can have all the therapy you need in exchange for ‘giving’. You ‘GIVE’ an hour and you ‘TAKE’ an hour.

We want to offer you the opportunity to receive FREE WEEKLY THERAPY so that you can each replenish your own energy levels and help improve your physical and mental health.

Helping to improve your physical and mental health means that you will pass these benefits onto your paying clients, perhaps providing them with a more efficient or effective service and so helping to improve their physical or mental health.

Once we have your completed membership form and the verification process has been successful, we will contact you with a practitioner of the therapy of your choice as soon as one becomes available.

We are inviting you to join as ‘founder’ members, paying a reduced rate to access this service.

There is no catch!

Professionals within this project with reduced stress and improved mental health will provide better service and improve lives of more people. This improvement filters through to improve relationships and social inclusion, reduce time off work, encourage production and positive change – an all-round improvement in well-being.

Increased engagement with other professionals; provision of excellent therapy within the therapeutic community could lead to a larger client base with a wider network of clients. Supporting colleagues and raising a HealthyAwareness of your individual and unique practice.

We will all benefit from receiving free therapies and in exchange we only give an hour of our time. All of those benefits you will receive, and you only give an hour a week. It’s only an hour a week.

For a limited period, you can join this register for only £25, this will soon increase to £50.

The Joining fee will be all that you pay today. Membership will allow you to access therapies for a full year, or for as long as you want to Time Swap with Free Speech.
Next year, you can decide to continue if you would like.

To register, click me!