About A Healthy Awareness CIC

A Healthy Awareness CIC is a Community Interest Company providing low cost psychotherapy and counselling.

Healthy Awareness provides individuals the opportunity to access Integrative psychological and emotional support services to encourage social and economic inclusion whilst improving mental health and alleviating emotional suffering.
• Support clients to make positive changes within their lives and make a contribution to their environment
• Encourage personal growth, independence and empowerment
• Provide personal tools, resources and strategies to improve people’s mental health and wellbeing
• Enhance client’s ability to access and broaden their opportunities to form social relationships
• Enable clients to make better informed decisions and set achievable, realistic personal goals
• Help improve the well-being and health outcomes of individuals.

Our cor
e model is Transactional Analysis; a theory created by the late Eric Berne, (1910 – 1970).
A Spiritual or Transpersonal concept is that of the Chakras.

Healthy Awareness logo shows three circles, vertically placed, very like the PAC Model found in TA, (Transactional Analysis); these circles are have been coloured in the corresponding colour system:

• C – Child Ego State – Solar Plexus Chakra – Yellow: The emotional Centre – Joy, Spontaneity and Power and all that we have learned
• A – Adult Ego State – Heart Chakra – Green:  Love, Intimacy and the present moment
• P – Parent Ego State Third Eye Chakra – Indigo: Insight, Wisdom, Awareness, Decision-making and all that we have been taught.

It is my passion to encourage people towards autonomy: to support and promote spontaneity, intimacy and a healthy awareness.


Meet The Team


Director of Psychotherapy
I am an attuned and professional Integrative Psychotherapist and Supervisor and I draw on many theories and therapies. I have a Post Graduate Diploma in Psychotherapy (PGDip Psychotherapy), a Diploma in Psychotherapeutic Counselling (DPC), and a Diploma in Supervision. I am a Registered Member of both the BACP and the UKCP.
I have
special interest in personality development and disturbance and specialise in working with complex cases: abuse, trauma and challenging behaviour.
My approach is directive although non-structured, creative and empathic.

I look forward to hearing and seeing you.




Director of Medicines, Ethics and Practice
I am a Pharmacist with 20 years post graduate experience. Although I appreciate that medicines can be massively beneficial in life’s challenges, I also appreciate that psychotherapy can have a massive benefit to emotional pain.
After struggling psychologically throughout my teens, 20s and 30s, I engaged in therapy for 5 years, and now happily merge my experience with Healthy Awareness in order to enhance and guide in my practice. In my caring role, patients are at the heart of my profession and I frequently meet people who are in need of psychological services and cannot afford to pay, and also cannot afford to wait on lengthy waiting lists.
I am proud to be part of an organisation who provides rapid access to supportive and psychological services to those in need.




Director of IT